Find The Right Community Solar Project for You

If you live in Rhode Island you may be eligible for participation in a community solar project.  Below you can find a list of community solar projects that are currently subscribing customers.

With the Community Solar Marketplace you can sort for community solar projects by municipality, status, and program.  Community solar projects are in various statuses because some are in the process of being permitted, constructed, interconnected with the utility, or subscribing customers.

Frequently asked questions:
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There are five virtual net metering (VNM) community solar projects and twelve Community Remote Distributed Generation (CRDG) community solar projects for a total of seventeen projects. These projects are in various stages of development. Some are fully constructed and operational, while others are still under development.

Community solar saves you money by allowing you to invest in solar panels that produce electricity for your home, even if you may not have an ideal roof or access to your roof for a solar installation. When you subscribe to a community solar project, you are paying for access to less expensive solar electricity rather than buying electricity at National Grid's standard offer rate.

Each customer uses a different amount of electricity each month. You might use more or less electricity than your neighbor, for example. The community solar developer or subscriber management company will use your past electricity usage data to determine the portion of the electricity from the community solar project you will receive as well as the discount on your monthly electric bill. Your annual savings should be between 8-12% off your electric bill, but make sure to read your community solar contract for the specific discount rate.