Hartford Pike Solar

Project Story


SunLight General Capital, acquiring the services of Newport Renewables, a local solar installation firm, and Terrasmart, a racking provider, has constructed a 6.2 MW project. The project is structured in two tranches: Tranche 1 will provide electricity to the grid through Rhode Island's Renewable Energy (RE) Growth Program, and Tranche 2 will provide Community Solar electricity to local subscribers through Rhode Island's Community Net Metering Solar Pilot Program. Covering approximately 12 acres, the system comprises approximately 15,800 solar panels.

In partnership with Arcadia, a leading platform offering clean energy solutions to utility customers nationwide, this Community Solar project will offer clean energy and savings local Rhode Island residents. This 3.48-megawatt Tranche of the project will produce around 4,384,800 kilowatt-hours of solar energy in its first year, which is the equivalent of avoiding the consumption of 7,178 barrels of oil. Interconnection is expected in February 2021.