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Low- and Moderate-Income Customer Inclusion in the CRNM Program

Learn more about the proposal that addresses concerns related to LMI access to renewable energy resources, as well as increasing participation opportunities and communication between renewable energy developers and LMI populations.

Hartford Pike Solar Project Now Open for Subscriptions

SunLight General Capital, in partnership with Newport Renewables and Terrasmart has begun construction on a 6.2 MW project that is structured in two tranches. SunLight has started acquiring customers for the 3.4 MW community solar tranche of the project. Learn more about the newest community solar project located in Foster!

Broncos Highway Solar Project Fully Subscribed

Broncos Highway Solar was the first project to operate under the 2016 Rhode Island Community Net Metering Pilot Program, providing renewable energy benefits and reducing costs for residential customers. Learn more about this project that is now fully subscribed in Burrillville!

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