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King Solar Project Open for Subscriptions

King Solar is the largest community solar project in Rhode Island. It is providing a direct benefit to the local economy through the creation of over 100 jobs in the state in the fields of consulting, engineering, construction and related workers, and has subscribed more than 500 local residents. Sign up now through Arcadia Power to save $75 towards your energy bill!

Hartford Pike Solar Project Open for Subscriptions

Hartford Pike Solar is one of the newest community solar project in Rhode Island to be accepting subscribers. In partnership with Arcadia, this community solar project will offer clean energy and savings to over 300 local Rhode Island residents. Learn more about the newest community solar project to subscribe to in Foster!

A-60 White Glove Program

OER has created a participant-limited pilot program to work closely with A-60 customers that are enrolled in community solar programs – the A-60 White Glove Program. This program was created in response to addressing any concerns that A-60 customers may have when signing up for community solar. Learn more about the program now!

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