Echo Valley Solar

Project Story

The Echo Valley Apartment Complex is home to the newest community solar project in Rhode Island! This project is expected to produce 581,314 kWh of clean energy annually, which is the equivalent to 449,458 pounds of coal avoided. Fairstead developed this 497-kilowatt system that could supply power to any of the approximately 100 families at Echo Valley and send out any remaining power to residents of the surrounding community who subscribed. In doing so, the array at Echo Valley, which was completed earlier this fall, became the first community solar project located at an affordable housing complex in Rhode Island. The Echo Valley solar array also stands out because of its location in a densely developed town with a large share of low- and moderate-income households. All National Grid - RI customers participating in this community solar project will start getting guaranteed savings on their utility bill each month.

This solar project became operational on August 25, 2020 and is 100% subscribed. While this project quickly sold out, be on the look out for new community solar projects coming online soon in Rhode Island.

Contract Details


Enjoy participation for the life of the program.


Fixed Credit Rate Discount


Cancel anytime with 60 days notice.


No Fees.